Healthy Kitchen Basics

Understanding The Food Label

Understanding the Food Label:

Are you confused by food labels? Take the mystery out of reading the nutrition facts label. The guidelines are the same for every food product, so look what to look for now. watch

Phase in/Phase Out: Pantry Cleanout

Pantry Clean-Out:

Filling your pantry with healthy choices is easier than you think! Follow a few simple guidelines and set yourself up for success. watch

Refrigerator Rotator

Refrigerator Rotator:

Ever wonder what the best foods are to keep in your refrigerator and which ones to toss? Here are some ideas for a well-stocked fridge that supports healthy choices every day. watch

Freezer Fan

Freezer Fan:

Treat your freezer as an extension of the grocery store and it can save you time, money and your health. Also learn the pitfalls to avoid as you choose food to freeze for later use. watch

Your Well-Fed Plate

Your Well-Fed Plate:

Do you know what a healthy, well-balanced meal really looks like? With a little guidance, you can have fun creating your own well-portioned, delicious, nutritious plates for every meal. watch